Thursday, September 9, 2010


A settlement from ancient times, Beli is situated at the north-eastern coast of Cres Island on the top of a 126-metre-high steep wall over the bays of Stivanjska and Vartac. The place has been populated for 4000 years. (see map)
Next to the main church stands the small Church of St. Mary built in Roman style. In the museum of the church a 13th -14th century cross exhibition is on view. The church was renovated in the 19th century, but they kept the Roman style apse of the old building. The oldest part of the church is a 9th -10th century stone table in one of the ambries. A narrow stone street leads to the entry of the town, on the right side of which we can see the remains of a Roman road. This ancient road reached the town across a bridge over the canyon. The bridge is still unharmed. In one of the tiny streets that lead south of the square, we can found the carved bust of the Hungarian king, Béla IV above the door-jamb of a house. They say that the king took refuge here for a while when he fleeing from the Tatar. Presumably, Beli was named after the king.

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